HBC International LLC and Albert de Montaubert & Fils announce an agreement for bringing their Cognac and Armagnac to the US market

Adel, IA - October 19th, 2017 - We are delighted to announce that we reached an agreement with Albert de Montaubert & Fils to bring their fabulous Cognac and Armagnac to the US!!

Originated from 1728, the Chateau is still alive with years of history, Chateau de Claudette focus on making more mellow Single Vintage Cognac of Grande Champagne for cognac collectors. By inheriting its secret recipe and brewing process in succession, it produces mellow and silky, charming and fragrant, smooth and balanced Montaubert Cognac of lasting fragrance with a variety of extraordinary superior "life of water" mixed, being rated as the model of top cognac.

The Montaubert Chateau still follows the quality standards set by generations and only chooses "water of life" from the grapes of the La Grande Petite Champagne, which would be repeatedly formulated and experimented for hundreds of times, to produce vintage wine of great quality, rich fruity fragrance, elegant and mellow wine and long-term aging capacity. The fantastic changes of cognac have taken place in the years of oak barrels. Its aromas would become more and more complex and diverse via continuous exchange of air and oak in the dark cellars. Different from the original hierarchy of traditional cognac brandy, Montauber adopts specific figures to indicate the age of cognac, so as to brew aged cognac with 10 years, 30 years and 50 years of age, as well as single-vintage cognac of unique charm (1953-1996) according to unique flavor characteristics formed in the oak barrels each year. The fragrance settled in washing of several years will lead you to complete a dreamy trip through history in cognac of differe

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